10 Reasons Your Clients Should Choose WordPress Development

You want a brand new beautiful site from scratch to showcase your clients’ expertise? Maybe you need to revamp their old company site with some great WordPress development?

These top 10 features make WordPress CMS the best choice for clients’ digital presentation. Our WordPress development team, offering the best solutions, will boost your client’s business and reputation online.

1. Flexibility

No matter if your client needs a personal blog, small business website, big online shop or large news portal. WordPress has all kinds of features, extensions, and plugins to support their business plan and turn it into success. The final result is a custom and authentic theme that will reflect your client’ ideas, experience, and interests.

Another benefit is its surprising scalability. The businesses are growing or changing their end offers. The redesign of the site can be easily implemented by our experienced WordPress development team. WordPress has many themes to offer to suit any purpose and any kind of website. Check all the top names that choose this CMS due to its functionality and versatility.

2. Less is more

WordPress is favorite for Simplicity of its layout. No matter if it is a blog or a bigger News website. WordPress is always easy to browse and find the critical information that you are looking for.

Thanks to the neat templates, WordPress offers an intuitive and simple to use user interface- both in the admin panel as well as on the website visitors’ part. Even someone using it for the first time is surprised with its potential and easiness to harness it for one’s needs. That is the main reason why the WordPress is growing popular among larger publishers, companies and famous people.

3. It’s SEO friendly

WordPress with its various SEO plugins makes sure that your clients’ WP site ranks well in Google Search results. It takes care of improving its view by giving suggestion which parameters to define to fulfill crucial requirements for good SEO. Its complex and smart structure makes it friendly for indexing, resulting in better ranking. According to SEO Authority Matt Cutts “WordPress automatically solves a lot of SEO issues”.

This could be the tricky part, so make sure to have experienced WordPress development team to outsource this task to. Your client will be happy to have set the website that will guarantee its voice authority in his/her field or niche for sure.

4. They can count on its Security

How come? Expert coders have been developing WordPress templates in high-quality standards. It comes with automated update according to the latest SEO and Web Design Trends as well as with security requirements on a regular basis.

As long as you have an expert crew for the support of your site and regular maintenance and updates, you and your unique content are on the safe side. They guarantee security and anti-spam protection as default for any WordPress website.

Our skilled support will recommend the safe hosting option for your client’s site. Additional custom development service, maintenance for safe and secure monitoring prevents any security risk and the possible intrusion of unwanted site visitors.

5. Sharing is caring

WordPress is notorious for being Social-friendly. It all started with a small clique of journaling on blogs and the word was out via fb. Nowadays any WordPress page supports all kinds of social channels’ buttons. This powerful feature will make your client’s site and brand visible and help them find the audience or market their products and services.

WordPress’ basic role of community building and management with the blog has become a great option for marketing any business. It’s chance for easy sharing and exchanging ideas with followers via many social channels improving the organic growth of the website.

6. It saves your client’s time

If you have to manage lots of tasks it is simpler and time-saving to prioritize and outsource the tasks that someone can complete for you. It takes 5 minutes to install the WP and as much to check its basic dashboard options and update the content on your website. Everything is simple and ready-to-use and happens just by the click of the button, due to many inbuilt functionalities to the theme you chose.

The WordPress development services will set and customize your site. It‘s also good having a  reliable support from time to time, anyone will have the freedom to do what they really like and are good at.

One can schedule their posts according to the users’ needs in advance. For example, if the company is not working weekends, they can anyway post their offers for the visitors that prefer weekend for browsing.That is another great feature to add.

We are here to help them reach their audience in the best way and present their true values, business or products.

7. They will stand out from the crowd

WordPress platform is the most popular Content Management System because of its availability and flexible design.

Your clients can have both now- the functional site presenting their ideas, products and services and the “wow” reaction of their audience at the hottest and eye-catching yet simple WordPress custom theme presenting the valuable and shearable info.

Check here for an experienced WordPress designer who will turn your client’s unique vision and value into the website that you always wanted.

8. Having a Mobile-Friendly Site is a Must

Responsive design is among the top features of any site build. The number of users browsing the information from their mobile devices- smartphones, pads, tablets has grown in the last couple of years. It is vital for any person or brand to have website visible on any device nowadays. The WordPress themes are originally Mobile Friendly developed.

People will find your client’s business easier and it will seem more competent and polished with WordPress’ in-built responsive features. Your WordPress site is visible on any mobile device and available for users anywhere.

9. It supports all kinds of media

WordPress features and all kinds of various and lively themes and media it offers will amaze any business client. It offers freedom of expression, besides being a primarily text editor.

WP developers can easily integrate or simply insert a custom photo, audio or video features into the client’s site. By hosting all media, WP greatly enhances user experience and adds to the end client value. It takes any presentation one step ahead of the competition.

That is the main reason why celebrities choose WordPress site for their official presentation.

10. Multi-accounts feature

This is the most alluring feature of WordPress, according to many large-scale online businesses and big news portals such as NYT, CNN. They are great examples of all new and stunning WP features.

By default there are 6 different roles (more custom roles can be added):

  • Super Admin – somebody with access to all site network administration features.
  • Administrator – somebody with access to all the administration features within a single site.
  • Editor – somebody who can publish and manage posts including the posts of other users.
  • Author – somebody who can publish and manage their own posts.
  • Contributor – somebody who can write and manage their own posts but can’t publish them.
  • Subscriber – somebody who can only manage their profile.

Your client needs a fresh or complex site? We will be happy to take this journey and support you in building the best possible WordPress website to suit exact client’s needs.

For info about our great WordPress development team or our previous experience in the amazing WordPress environment check feel free to contact us.

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