Top 15 Brand business websites running on WordPress

Favourite for its cost-effectiveness and flexibility, WordPress has become the most popular content and website management system and currently it powers more than 30% of world wide web, so there is currently over 60 million websites using it.

Nowadays, in the digital age, it is essential to establish an online presence. WordPress was once just a platform for bloggers and from 2003 it evolved into the fully-fledged user-friendly interface for developing all sorts of websites and Content Management Systems (CMS) from personal blogs and portfolios to the greatest enterprises – just name it!

Check our list of 15 popular brands, sites or people whose businesses set the example how the WordPress is a powerful and multifunctional tool:

1. New York Times

New York Times

New York Times is the largest and mostly respected US publication that relies on its content that represents great ability and strength of the WordPress platform to leverage a large amount of information and site visitors. With its wide range of topics from arts to politics and high standard of writing, it is the perfect example of using WordPress for sophisticated content, yet in an intuitive manner with highlighting and permalink in the text.

2. CNN

Cnn Blogs on WordPress

Yes, you have heard it clear! The gigantic informative website services with the vast number of site visitors daily, run smoothly on WordPress, and that is due to its scalability to any scope of the site content or purpose. The variety of content is well sorted with the breaking and fresh news instantly available to the visitors, as well as animated news thumbnails catching your eye.

3. Reuters

Reuters on WordPress

Being an expert in the publishing industry, Reuters’ blog page showcases the innovative way of presenting the latest and critical information to the world leaders in various walks of life and via Social Media that is integrated into this popular and innovative, yet highly secure CMS. The outstanding sections are the blog and the most debated selection of news to indicate the most commented posts.

4. BBC America

BBC America on WordPress

The biggest name in British Media opted for WordPress site for the flexibility it has to offer. Constant and easy update and dynamics of the publishing are fully supported by custom WordPress design. They make great use of the simple slider and menu to make popular and new series easy to find and watch online.

5. Forbes

Forbes Website on WordPress

Forbes is one of the top brands notorious for its prominent role in delivering all business and financial related news. They choose WordPress Blog platform for its SEO friendly features and accessibility. When entering its page you have to skip ad part with the quote characteristic for their site in order to monetize the visits on the site.

6. Time Inc

TIME Magazine Website on WordPress

Another leading Mass Media multinational corporation that publishes dozens of magazines and up to date news and entertainment across multiple platforms, one of which is Social friendly and easily accessible WordPress VIP version. Page has no headlines on the top, but thumbnails representing categories. Once you hover them you can see the headline and on click, you can read the news about your favorite artist or musician.

7. Mashable

Mashable website runs on WordPress

Is well known to people in tech for a large knowledge base for technology, gadgets and web news, focusing on Social Media. Its theme has more topics and relevant blogs integrated into one with the great layout of news style.

8. TechCrunch

TechCrunch website always run on WordPress

The initial site unexpectedly has grown into enterprize size powered by WP and become the most visited and trusted Tech news site. It runs on custom magazine VIP WordPress Theme and is widely known for covering and profiling new internet products and phenomenon.

9. Viber

Rakuten Viber Website runs on WordPress

The official Rakuten Viber presentation for world famous chat app. This WordPress powered site has more a complex structure with various accounts and options, yet it is clear and simple to use. This company offers a plug-in for the social button and integrated video calls and chat option for any WordPress site.

10. MTV News

MTV News website runs on WordPress

Television is not dead! The exclusive entertainment and music news and behind the scenes from the most watched TV network are available via Social Media and updated on a daily basis on a WordPress platform blog since it is so easy to use it.

11. The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company website runs on WordPress

The worldwide popular creator and pioneer of the animated films industry is the perfect example of the breathtaking and spectacular multimedia presentation because the WordPress brings variety and life to the table.

12. Sony Music

Sony Music runs on WordPress

Is another example of the Big Brand from the entertainment industry producing tons of data. Another great feature of the WP platform is that offers beautiful sites and also keeps your brand data secure.

13. The Official Star Wars Blog

Star Wars blog runs on WordPress

As the new member of Disney Family, a galactically popular Star Wars franchise got its blog on this platform, widely known for its community and Social Media coverage and Rich Multimedia (Films, Games, Videos, Events, Shows, Data).

14. The Rolling Stones

TheRollingStones website runs on WordPress

The Rolling Stones’ new site is based on WordPress Managed Hosting which entails super fast loading of the pages, new shop section, social media buttons, the option of signing up for the newsletter and hot news and eventually extra protection of the band’s data.

15. Katy Perry

Katty Perry's website runs on WordPress

Among many celebrities, Katy Perry has custom WordPress based site with the focus on the embedded Multimedia and amazing parallax scrolling effects. Social Media sharing tools are also emphasized, thus accessibility and rich visuals are.

As these and many other world wide businesses and users imply, the potential of WordPress CMS is HUGE! The versatility and flexibility of various WordPress sites and themes are promising, as well as new VIP and premium options for businesses with sensitive data. And from the point of the optimizing WordPress, the interface itself is SEO friendly and helps good site ranking, as Google experts stated.

Another very important feature of any modern internet service, agency or outsourcing business nowadays is scalability of its presentation for any device in order to help you reach your audience and be easily accessible for all users. That is why WordPress themes are Mobile friendly and supporting Social Media tools features for connectedness, easy and quick sharing.

Having in mind this variety, innovativeness, and time-effectiveness  you can have amazing custom WordPress design with the assistance of WordPress customization and our development service for a reasonable price. Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it.”

No matter if you are blogger that needs to revamp its own blog, big or small business owner in urge of showcasing the skills, products or service, programmer that has no time for an extra project offered or looking for collaborator on the complex projects. Just brief us on what you are dreaming about and our professional team will bring your idea, project or design into life.

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