How to Write a Briefing for WordPress Theme Outsourcing

The first step of any WordPress Theme Outsourcing journey starts with crafting a WordPress theme description – clear and to the point.

If you are a beginner, don’t worry, we are going to help you with that. These are some advised steps to help you with WordPress theme outsourcing to stay competitive and focused on your business.

Define a Clear Goal

You need a clear and polished description of your WordPress theme for outsourcing. First things first– What is the goal of the project? If you’re not sure about the answer or not familiar with WordPress, you could surely ask the experts to help you define it.

For example, you need a site redesign and optimization but you are not sure what is the scope and the necessary steps to complete the project.

Make a list for brief

It’s easy to estimate what are the important items to add to the brief list, once you define the scope of the project and its goal:

1. The goal

The goal is something you should always keep in mind. It will help Outsourcing partner stay on track with the project. Nowadays there are so many technologies, tools, and services available. If you don’t know which ones will bring to the desired outcome, feel free to ask someone experienced in the field. Developers can make suggestion what is the best solution for your WordPress theme based on your goal.

2. Communication

Good and clear communication is a must – it can cost you lots of time and money if not done properly. It also depends on the scope of the project, on the person or team that performs it. Be always polite and keep it to the point! Lots of communication channels enable necessary exchange. Be aware that there is a variety of roles in the process of outsourcing and learn to wear different hats.

3. Timelines

Timelines – be honest and reasonable with setting deadlines. There is no project for “yesterday”. Choose objective time frame to set your expectations and help developers plan. It depends on the budget you have for the project and if you or your WordPress theme outsourcing partner prefer to set hourly, 15 days rates or per project milestones. The next logical step is to establish:

4. Workflow dynamics and project management.

Workflow dynamics and project management. Who is in charge of the project? How often is required review of the project and the update report- twice a week, once a week or every other week. It all depends on the scope of the outsourced project, time estimated and project management requirements. There are many useful tools to help you with time and project tracking as well to effectively collaborate and communicate with the teams – such as Skype, Trello, Asana, Slack, Jira. There is no chance that you haven’t been using some of them.

Define Budget

You know your goal and have an idea how much it could last to complete your WordPress theme. The next step is to make a reasonably estimated range for the expenses to fit the amount of the budget you are able to invest.

This part is usually set clearly with the developer or expert team you are outsourcing to, before the project kick-off. It is very important and professional thing having straightforward communication on deadlines, deliverables and the price.

The total price or hourly rates depend mainly on the scope of the WordPress theme outsourced, as well on the current market rates and expertise or seniority of the freelancer or agency you are outsourcing to. The last but not the least is the timing for charging project costs.

Set the policy and terms related to the project

First of all, you have to know what is included in the project scope. Here are the important things to have in mind when outsourcing WordPress theme (applies to the most of the site development projects):

  • Check for all the necessary documents, credentials, contacts, code repos, communication channels, reporting frequency.

  • Users and target audience will help you determine which technologies to use and which functionalities for the theme to develop. There is no fear when it comes to WordPress theme outsourcing because it proved great solution – from small blog sites to large-scale online news or shops.

  • Design and aesthetic aspect- does the client prefers most of the functionalities of the existing theme, does the site needs some more functionalities?

  • Documentation of the project – does it exist or you need to create it and update it on a regular basis.

  • Is there a warranty period for the project?

  • Hosting for the website – which side should plan this aspect of the project?

  • Does the project include some additional maintenance?

  • Set the criteria success- what is expected final result of the project?

Put it all on paper

Have you looked for projects on some of the platforms for freelancers and agencies? No matter if you are outsourcing or looking for new projects to take. If you go through many ads and descriptions you will know that is a must have clearly defined brief and some examples if it’s applicable to your project.

The brief is the hint that you are competent and that you are serious about WordPress theme outsourcing, as well the sign that you do your homework. It doesn’t guarantee 100% success, but with outsourcing, you can always afford to take on more people aboard to solve unexpected issues or changing the clients on the project after a while if necessary.

Document all the important things about the project – make agreements and contracts if necessary. You will sometimes need to make or sign some NDA to keep all sides safe. It will be helpful, in the long run, to have documentation and specifications for the project. It makes your projects easily reusable, or easy to update once you have long-term clients for WordPress support, maintenance or updates.

As soon as you find someone to outsource your WordPress theme workload, it would be easy keeping track of the project. All the sides will stick to the mutual agreement and with clear guidelines and informative and transparent brief you have prepared in advance.

Do Your Homework – Be Prepared

Having good brief made in advance will save time to all, help you get done more things, get you more potential clients and help you easily outsource and manage your WordPress projects. Be honest, realistic and keep the communication going to prevent the delay in the work.

Just tell us what you need and we will set the brief with all the necessary details together. Please, don’t make your requests set in stone. Ask our expert team for everything WordPress related and we will help you find an affordable solution to help You and Your outsourcing clients business.

Always Double-Check

You spread the word about the WordPress theme outsourcing, and you have a pile of competitors for the task or project. Check for the experience, portfolio, relevant knowledge and prerequisites for the project. Also check for the credits online as well as reputation offline if you are outsourcing to the small company or agency.

We covered planning and briefing phase, once you choose the client you will work with- the production is on.

Good luck! Keep calm and outsource!

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