We started at 2016 as a duo, we expanded our team, explored lot of options, did a lot of projects. Then we figured out if we keep chasing profit and mindlessly expand team we can't give 100% of our expertise.

That's why we tried a new model of working on web projects. We shrinked the team, but we kept tight connections with all of our skilled people. Now, we form a team per project base. People are more relaxed, we are more productive.

Caring deeply about what we do made us become experts in beautifully designed and crafted websites.

The best results come from a direct partnership with clients. That's why we do all work by ourselves. No sales representatives, no account executives, no other useless bells and whistles you have to pay for.

Small team agility,
big agency results!


Lead designer and co-owner

Loves and enjoys creativity. His passion is to find creative and guerilla solutions to problems. Loves his longe music, and knows every meme in the world.


Lead developer and co-owner

A pedantic type. Tracks and writes everything we do. Enjoys diving into code and can be quiet and code for hours. Enjoys rising his two boys.


Let's face it, it's a new world. Great minds don't want to work for bosses!

That’s why we have teamed up with our local experts we hire for specific tasks. This helps us select the best people for the specific tasks.

Per project basis we organize and create team of people we trust and prove them on many projects. We invest our expertise, control and creativity to make sure every task is executed as it should.

If a team can’t be fed by two
pizzas, that team is too big

— Jeff Bezos

Special Memorable Unique

Events & community

Teaching new things is very
inspiring, giving back to the
community makes you humble

We've been working with WordPress since 2009. We gained a lot of knowledge and experience with it. We created numerous different projects. We enjoy sharing that knowledge with the people. That's why we are actively involved in WordPress community.

WordPress events are strongly geared towards making WordPress as open and accessible to anyone who is interested in learning about using it, developing for it, or making a business out of it.

Beside knowledge there is a social aspect of these gatherings. Because of these events we now know many great local developers that we hire for some specific tasks. This enables us to be very flexible when forming a team for particular project

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